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POS-Bank is made for registered members only.


POS-Bank is made for those who have taken the exam Basic Study and have registered their main energy in POS-Bank.

Each country has its own POS-Bank where each country’s energy resources are available to those who have registered their main energy.   Any country needs a capital consisting of human resources, if the country shall have enough Personal Energy available for all the challenges a country may come up against.

To have passed an exam or finished an education is all well and good, but it is the basic knowledge of moral and ethical qualities used by people in their work, that gives a result in the end which gives satisfaction for both the worker and to the best interest of the country.

A country without the knowledge  of what their citizens are able to generate in order to meet the challenging, demanding and difficult situations a country can be met with, cannot make plans for å future that they are not prepared for. A country is dependent on people of all the 7 classes of energy, in such situations. They are the people Who Know Who They Are.

Good and old moral concepts may be more valuable than the result of an exam in crises. In a country there are 7 possible colour personalities and if we only use  Yellow and Blue mental energies in our world to educate people, and forget that it needs education for the 5 other colour to, we can end up with problems.

Our education program is about mastering the talent one has to the best of ones ability; it is about finding out who you are, and how to use the opportunity we have available to improve our energy resources.

Our whole energy system is powered by the 7 colour energies; they contain everything we wish to be able to do. We only must get to know the colours and then become what the colours are.

The entire world and everything in our nature contain these 7 colour energies, and it is up to us to generate more and better energy. That is not the responsibility of our society.

In POS BANK we work to strengthen each other, we need each other, because we understand that we cannot master everything ourselves, we are always  dependent on other types of energy as every individualist is good enough in himself, but it is only together with other individualists we can master something better. And then it is okay with a POS Bank which comes up with working capital in the form of human resources, an energy created by humans.

This is a kind of capital which gives an energy return to all POS Bank members, and this capital never loses its value, because it accumulates and gives out more energy than it takes in.


You can as a member go into POS Bank, and find those individualists you need from the 7 groups of specialists,  because those 7 groups  want the same, to share their energy reserves among  all  those who are registered here.  They all have the same thoughts which the Rainbow tells about, that  all these 7 different colours which are present in the daylight, actually contains what we call LIFE.

The same LIFE as the humans live their life with. Nobody knows that recipe, but we know that only when they are together they appear as a whole energy, because then all of the 7 colour energies have become White light.

That means that we as humans need to use all the 7 colour energies to, if we should be able to become whole, or more precisely more like the clean and with light.  Because we are not meant to be only one Colour Energy, we all have a main energy and we must learn to use the other 6 energies we have available.

And then we must work together with those who have a main energy in the colour needed for a particular purpose, because we are not born to have 7 main energies, we have a limited access to personal energy, the Art of  Life is to find balance and harmony between our colour energies.

We need people with positive and good qualities in a world too much dominated by the negative degrading properties. We must gather together, and use each other’s strength and talent, and this means not only Yellow or  Blue  mental  energy , but all the 7 special and individual colour energies.

Never forget that our daylight consists of 7 colours, and if we teach ourselves the Colour Language, we will also understand how we can create white light, it is neither unthinkable nor impossible.

 But the most important,  we will have to start to believe that LIGHT is LIFE and that we are created to live with the light, and that one of that colours in the light is our main energy.

If we   still want to keep our light, then we must do something that concerns ourselves, so we are able to create our resource of energy, and can deliver it back to others, so we in the end are capable to keep the world we live in rich on human created energy. 

Learn the Language of Colours and sign up in POS Bank.

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