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Are you Violet

If you believe that you are Violet, then you should know there are two types of Violet. The extrovert masculine Violet, and the in-advert feminine Violet, This is because the Violet energy is androgyny, both male and female.

Many people think of God as a woman, may be because God can be both woman and man, God is all, it is everything, and therefore it can be everything. Violet energy is the entrance to the spiritual notion of what a human is, and it is an energy which in itself creates everything from saints to great charismatic stars in the world of artists and religious messengers.

Most of the people with Violet on top of their personality chart, feels only little of its power. But it is enough for them to feel that they are meant for something, and that they shall do something that means something to others. But the total picture of the person will depend on what energies the person has bellow the Violet.


But there are different forms of personal energy. This was a so called Violet/Violet energy. But since you have 6 other energies underneath the Violet, they will influence your Violet energy.

The influence on your Violet energy depends on what energy you have as number 2 or 3.

This is what a Colour Energy Coach can tell you about, they are educated as interpreters of Colour Personalities and by following a Personal Test they can tell you everything about you and your energies, and also what you need to strengthen or weaken of some of your energies, because there are always some energies that are displaced far down or simply neglected, so when it comes to mobbing, then people are themselves clever self mobbers.


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