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If you believe that you are Indigo then you will recognize yourself through the eyes of others.

Nobody has such calm and still bright eyes, they see you and at the same time they see past you. It takes little to get uneasy in the presence of an Indigo. In a way they are there while they are not there.

It is difficult for others to accept this feeling, they feel uncertain and nobody likes to feel uncertain of themselves. An Indigo person listens, it listens to something all the time and that is reason that the Indigo person chooses work which challenge them to listen to something that do not exist on the paper, the best hackers and computer designers are Indigo, also musicians, some artist and also writers.

Depending on which energy is in second place, they can be designers, architects, gardeners and everything within the alternative world, some are also more physic and clairvoyant than other people. There are also many who work with animals, as they often like animals better than people. Every body has Indigo energy and it is an exciting energy with a large register of personal internal development possibilities, one can almost say that without Indigo energy you don’t get very far in certain fields, so the question is; “do you know your Indigo energy”

But there are different forms of personal energy. This was a so called Indigo/Indigo energy. But since you have 6 other energies underneath the Indigo, they will influence your Indigo energy.

The influence on your Indigo energy depends on what energy you have as number 2 or 3.

This is what a Colour Energy Coach can tell you about, they are educated as interpreters of Colour Personalities and by following a Personal Test they can tell you everything about you and your energies, and also what you need to strengthen or weaken of some of your energies, because there are always some energies that are displaced far down or simply neglected, so when it comes to mobbing, then people are themselves clever self mobbers.


Teach yourself the language of Colours


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