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If you are Blue, you will know it, in any case you will recognize it, because

you are quick to understand a given situation, and you gladly take the leadership.

You know how to express yourself and you gladly take the chair when the occasion arises. The Blue likes that everything is organized and tidy around them and dress according to the occasion.

The Blue can easily see the macro in the micro, and likewise the micro in the macro, this ability will easily make them fit for various tasks and administrative positions. The Blue has a mental ability to self concentration, and the ability to find solutions by proper analyses.

Arrogance and sometimes a little blasé attitude can easily irritate others, while the Blue himself enjoy how easily others get impressed by the Blues behaviour. This hint of mobbing can get even worse if the energy is being misused, and there are quite a few people who during the years have been subjected to this hidden, but very effective Blue mobbing method, But if you learn the language of colours, so you may disguise the mobber before it will hurt someone.

But there are different forms of personal energy. This was a so called Blue/Blue

energy. But since you have 6 other energies underneath, the Blue will influence your Blue energy.

The influence on your Blue depends on what energy you have as number 2 or 3.

This is what a Colour Energy Coach can tell you about, they are educated as interpreters of Colour Personalities and by following a Personal Test they can tell you everything about you and your energies, and also what you need to strengthen or weaken of some energies, because there are always some energies that are displaced far down or simply neglected, so when it comes to mobbing, then people are themselves clever self mobbers.


Teach yourself the language of Colours.



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