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If you believe that you are Green then you will recognize your Green energy either in yourself or in other people because of their ability to love.

A real Green does not disown himself, always with a good smile on his face, always friendly and attentive. The Green always first ask how the other person is doing, never starts with himself first.

The Green is concerned about others; they are friends with everything and everybody. They love nature, flowers and in objects, and specially objects which have a personal meaning to them.

In Green homes you will find more gaudy finery than in most other homes. This is because it is not the value of the object or the fashion of the object that means anything. But the one who has given it, memory things used as decorative objects, bring the Green back to good memories.

A Green home shows how everything is about the love that lies in objects that have been given to them, or something they have bought themselves to remember something good.

But there are different forms of personal energy. The first was a so called Green/Green energy. But since you have 6 other energies underneath the Green, they will influence your Green energy.

The influence on your Green energy depends on what energy you have as number 2 or 3.

This is what a Colour Energy Coach can tell you about, they are educated as interpreters of Colour Personalities and by following a Personal Test they can tell you everything about you and your energies, and also what you need to strengthen or weaken of some of your energies, because there are always some energies that are displaced far down or simply neglected, so when it comes to mobbing, then people are themselves clever self mobbers.


Teach yourself the language of Colours.


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