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If you believe that you are Yellow then you will quickly recognize yourself in conversation with others, you are seldom an optimistic and loud speaking person, but the one who quickly finds the faults and who critically can understand what is logic and what is not logic.

You are analytical, and you don’t like people who are emotionally committed to something that you do not understand or they have ideas that seem unrealistic, you prefer what we call sober people. You get irritated quickly and annoyed at other people, they ought to behave themselves within the frame of normal polite and well bread people.

At work you are clever, you do what you are supposed to do, and you are well organized in everything you do , so it is easy to have a Yellow person to work in a Bank, insurance and all office and administrative work where there is need for industrious people. In general one may say that bureaucracy lives on Yellow people’s diligence and ambitions.

But there are different forms of personal energy. This was a so called Yellow/Yellow energy. But since you have 6 other energies underneath the Yellow, they will influence your Yellow energy.

The influence on your Yellow energy will depend on what energy you have as number 2 or 3.

This is what a Colour Energy Coach can tell you about, they are educated as interpreters of Colour Personalities and by following a Personal Test they can tell you everything about you and your energies, and also what you need to strengthen or weaken of some of your energies, because there are always some energies that are displaced far down or simply neglected, so when it comes to mobbing, then people are themselves clever self mobbers.


Teach yourself the Language of Colours.


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