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ORANGE & RED + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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ORANGE energy is the energy of life enjoyment. It is vibrant, creative and very emotional. An ORANGE person is very conscious of its body, which makes it very attractive. Sexuality and sensuality are parts of the ORANGE person’s life enjoyment and social appetite for life. When having the RED physical energy close by, it will result in a sort of being actively present. All extreme sports will be attractive, all kind of work that is challenging and exiting in its execution, because something must happen. Stationary, concentrated work does not appeal to the ORANGE energy. As well, fixed routines or work requiring responsibility towards others than themselves are also hard for them to tackle. Unless, it has a 3rd supporter which can reduce, take upon itself the responsibility, or strengthen the relation to the ORANGE/RED.

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In these cases, the same emotional/physical energies would be present, but a mental strength will be added. The result will be quite different than if the 3rd supporter had been the emotional colour energies of GREEN or INDIGO that could easily have led to chaos and accidental circumstances directing the development.

Childhood and youth are important Life Periods in the life of a ORANGE/RED, and especially for these two combinations of energies, the emotional and physical. To really use their personality they need a physical, challenging, purpose directed plan from their home, kindergarten and school environment. Having found themselves, it is unbelievable how much they together with other energy people, can contribute in both leisure and work. We need these forces for the joy of life and joy of work, for their attitudes and all the challenges these emotional/physical personalities can carry out. To “hog-tie” such energies in a person at an early stage may result in them punishing themselves at a later stage; and our society will not benefit from that.

For that reason knowledge about oneself is more important than the knowledge acquired at school during childhood, and all parents should see to that the child will not be diagnosed as ADHD, restless or distracted. Children with this kind of energy blend simply have a restless physical life energy that needs to be used in an active environment. They are not ready to sit quietly yet, as they need more years in freedom and security to find their own self.

Our purpose is to make people aware of whom they are. Give everybody the chance to know themselves better, and that all children shall be allowed to grow up in the belief that they are something more than what they study to become. Education is fine, but it should be an education for everybody. Not like it is today, where the main emphasis is on languages and mathematics. There are several roads that will lead to languages and mathematics, and not everybody has to take the same avenue, even if the goal is the same.


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