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Indigo and Violet + the 3rd supporter + 4 other sort of energies = You

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INDIGO as a main energy can be quite challenging. But since this energy has no genetic earthly connection it does not have any attachment to earthly power or rules either. It obeys the laws of heaven, and in this case it has a strong spiritual friend the Violet energy.  The energy from VIOLET gives power to idealism, enthusiasm and an inner belief in the world it comes from. An INDIGO person  is secured if it finds it’s belief in VIOLET, but without this security , then the energies which also fight for a place in the Universe will force it self upon the open channel  which the INDIGO energy possess. Many will call it an ability, others will say a suffering, and they are both right.

 To see or hear or feel something which is not concrete, is very difficult to relate to. Most people chose to close everything inside themselves as early as possible, when they understand that what they see or hear or feel is not usual among other people, but then they are only half of a human being. Because all those who are born with this kind of intelligence, they will never meet understanding of being an intelligent being. But we need such people close to us, so that we don’t completely lose the understanding of where we come from. The INDIGO energy you have today on your Personal Energy cart is your key to yourself, without this energy you will never find out who you are. The day we understand who we are, we will also understand that we are more than we believe we are.

In our society we are open for all kinds of energy, whether visible or not. Internet has opened the way, and it is not surprising that many IT people have INDIGO as one of their 3 main energies.

The web industry absorbs everything that smells money, and in the traditional science world we may soon penetrate into the smallest particle. But all these energies they try to control and use are not created and designed energies by humans. But it is humans that get these kind of energies out of the Universe, but what kind of people is able to do this? Does anyone ask about that? Maybe not because very few people are preoccupied with the energy resources of the human, why?

There are not many people either who has it 1st & 2nd energy in the spiritual section and it’s 3rd supporter in a mental form, like INDIGO/VIOLET/BLUE or INDIGO/VIOLET/RED. They exist and they are most certainly in action some were, maybe high up in the society.

When you work with colour energies like we do over a long period of time , you will look at people in a different way. Firstly people will become more alive and you will automatically see how they relate to energies compared to yourself. You do not leave them because you do not have a feeling for them, or like them, or believe they are something for you , you draw them to you , because they are a part of  you, you measure yourself against them , and you clearly see what they have chosen from the possibilities they have , and what you yourself have chosen. The person will be different and you will also be different because you have gotten a tool you can relate to.
These short introductory interpretations are only a brief example of colour energy, compared to a COLOUR ENERGY COACH interpretation. All of the 7 colours are not included in this short interpretation, neither the positive or negative influence besides the genetic inheritance. But hopefully you have become curious and would like to find our more about what we are working with.



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