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RED & YELLOW + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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RED as a physical energy and YELLOW as a mental energy can be good working partners. They both have many similar qualities such as security, safety and carefulness and they are very particular. However, they also have many differences, for example, when it is about action. For a positive RED person who has a plan that they want to accomplish, it is essential they they act on it. RED doesn't hesitate. It doesn't stop to think about the negative possibilities. It simply decides and that is it. Whereas, a YELLOW energy will think about things. It only decides if it is 100% sure, and it will start the process to effect the RED in the decision making no matter what. It doesn't give up and if the RED is a little unsure and not balanced then it will lack the energy it needs to complete its project. As the foundation worker, the starter energy, the entrepreneur, it needs a good infrastructure to make it work.

It is seldom that a YELLOW energy is the most ideal energy in this combination. At least not as a support player number #2 to RED's main energy. Actually an ORANGE, BLUE or VIOLET would be the right helper in the job as a foundation worker. Of course, a BLUE can be effective as a #3 helper, but if it is after YELLOW it is not enough to strengthen the RED starter type. It demands a lot of energy to tolerate a starter with the possibilities of no steady salary. Nobody can replace what is often lost in the beginning, where things are very risky and seldom goes after the plan. It needs a strong back and high morals to be a foundation worker. Nowadays, one goes to business school to learn how to budget and get investors to take the risks. And one doesn't need RED energy anymore to build a business. So in the future there will be less and less real RED starters.

There are very few RED people left in the civilized society and in many countries RED people are becoming less and less. According to our colour personality testing system, in Italy only 4% out of 1000 Personality tests had RED as their main energy. Among those tested there was no RED woman. Norway has 5% and in North America the numbers are similar.  One has to wonder how we are able to deal with the energies of children?

If a country's government is satisfied with the few RED citizens it has, then we will understand why they are closing down technical trade school and starting up new forms of schools for people with only the mental energy combinations.


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