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ORANGE & GREEN + third support player + 4 other energy forms = You

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ORANGE as an energy is an exciting and challenging main energy, because our main energy will always lead you as the most important of your seven energies. Even though you have two strong support players forming your typical personality traits, it your main energy that guides you the most, but with more choices and results.

In this case  where the two strongest energies are ORANGE and GREEN,  we call them our emotional energies, the ORANGE is a physical emotional  energy, and the GREEN is; an emotional empathic energy. They are both guided by the senses, which means that what they experience they translate into feelings. They  do not think logical and empirical, but act on how they feel there and then. That means that they must have stored up a large inventorie of experienced feelings, feelings that might pop up  every time they must make a decision or are confronted with a new concept or action.

Therefore, the third support player is the one that can make the difference, because any team or system is dependent on that everyone is participating. It is a democratic fundament behind the colours, but because some of the colours have stronger mental power when it is on top of  the persons Personality Test as their main energy, it can be more as a leadership or a dictatorship. In this instance, it will not happen.

But a mental energy as a  third energy can effect the result to be quite different. For example, ORANGE/Green/Blue  blend can make an opera singer or crooner, or a person that starts a florist shop, or a president of a hotel, or an impresario. A BLUE person knows how to take advantage of their leader abilities and their targeted strategic plans without being on top of the Personality Test.

How about ORANGE/Green/Yellow? Here it may be the alternative health field that is attractive; everything from practicing therapists to one that runs a health food store or a spa.

One will recognize a person choosing the right profession based on the energy one has available. We are created to work as a team, not to know a little here and there, or to do everything oneself. We are supposed to use each other, just like our body does with its organs. Our body cannot suppress an organ without our body not knowing it. Our body knows when something is not right. The question is if we have understood the language of our body or if we may have preferred to learn French or Spanish. We recommend getting to know yourself, then you will cooperate with your body and learn a new language at the same time.




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