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BLUE & RED + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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The picture shows a man with BLUE energy as his main energy, and RED energy as his second supporter energy.

Since he has BLUE as his main energy he most likely has a good mental brain capacity; and in addition, he has ability to express himself through words, music and sports that challenge the brain . On sport  a BLUE person like to use an  opponent. For example: fencing, sailing, polo, equestrian and shooting sports. Chess may also be added if it is considered to be a sport. And any other physical activities where the mental BLUE energy is essential like soccer and other ball games. However, some sports are more dependent on a third energy and the ability to work in a team. Guess which colour energy that is?

The BLUE likes to attend school, because the BLUE energy likes to acquire knowledge and it likes to teach. Thus, there are many teachers among the BLUE people, but for the most part it is politicians and the industrial world that absorbs most of the educated BLUE energy personalities.     

If you divide a pie into 7 parts, you will find more YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE and INDIGO people, than BLUE people. But there are only a small number of VIOLET and RED people, which is really something to think about. What do you think our society does in order to get more RED and VIOLET people?

A BLUE /RED man will have no problems to acquire a job as this is the number one colour energy choice for a leader. And if he has VIOLET as his 3rd energy, he is almost unbeatable. However, this is based on the assumption that he understands how to use his 7 energies in a good and sensible way.

If he does not know his positive sides as well as his negative sides, and how to direct his own energies in the right direction, then many things may happen. Suddenly the choices are no longer in his hands, and it is a long fall from the top down. The wind is blowing strongly at the peak of power, and the BLUE/RED knows what that kind of power is.

To know one’s power, one’s limitations, one’s possibilities and to understand the enormous responsibility which divides one person with 3 masculine and mental energies from another person with 3 emotional energies at the top; or a person with 3 mixed energies who does not have much knowledge about energy, is something  everybody should have learned at an early age.

This is the actual situation the youth is faced with at schools today. Who shall tell them that we all are energy filled humans, and that the seven energies need to know their owner in order to work effectively for them.

Every young person needs to know what energies they have in order to train and work with their energies. And most importantly, they need to find out what kind of job would be best suited for them in the future.

But who shall help them to find themselves and help them to choose the work that is right for them?

We can help by educating Colour Energy Coaches who are able to read and translate our Colour Language of a person’s Personal Road Map and from there help people to find their own way to whom they are.


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