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YELLOW & BLUE + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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YELLOW and BLUE are both mental energies, but even if they are both mental there is a great difference between them.

Besides being the main school energy, on its strong side the Yellow energy has a great memory. Orderly, systematic, duty and prudent are other benefits for YELLOW energy. However, too much YELLOW energy can be bothersome for many types of energy, but not for the BLUE. The BLUE is too smart for that. It likes its YELLOW partner and makes use of it, like a good leader would use her/his secretary. And the YELLOW is happy with the BLUE that pushes it forward. Most people will recognise the YELLOW person; the ambitious and contentious bureaucrats who run our country.

The BLUE energy is more like a collector of knowledge, and is more than willing to share its knowledge. It can be the energy of the good teacher, lecturer, or writer who writes about history, biographies or stories that describe our society and people. The BLUE energy is called the wisdom energy. A BLUE mental person may have an air of being open-minded and see things in a larger perceptive. Patience and tolerance are also some of its assets.

But it is the third colour energy as its 3rd supporter that makes this exciting. For instance, if it is the physical Red or mental Violet it can totally change the picture.

On the other hand, if it is GREEN, ORANGE or the INDIGO energy it could be of less importance for the mental YELLOW and BLUE person. Most likely they will try to influence the person, but it is more about if the person her/himself is aware that the three other energies really exist in its body, and if their kind of energy is of any importance to the person. It is knowledge and a moral question.

To know oneself and one's energies is not a joke or just a fun hobby. You may think that colours are only colours and have no influence upon us. We would like to correct that impression, because colours actually are in everything. We have made use of the immanent notions of colours and made them available in a language that can be understood in all countries. RED is RED in all languages, and everybody, when it comes down to it, understands what the colour RED is about. We have made the colour concept more readily available by creating a system out of our understanding of how the colours influence people.



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