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GREEN & INDIGO + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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GREEN energy is as fertile as nature itself. It grows and thrives under good conditions, meaning with care and love. Because GREEN energy is synonymous with love and since love in our colour language is dependent of what colour that works together with the GREEN main energy, love is what guides the GREEN-INDIGO love. It is an emotional  unselfish love.

INDIGO is a spiritual energy and also an emotional  feminine yin energy. It imparts that we can hear and see other energy forms  than just the pure physical; and it's almost like an inner voice.

If a person has GREEN as their main energy and INDIGO as their support player, they will be feeling everything in an intuitive way. This energy type is not very demanding, making life very exciting for that person as they have few expectations.

GREEN and INDIGO energy have many common points of views. They are interested in nature, animals, the environment and not least people. But also here comes the wild card (joker) as a third player. For example, if the 3rd colour is BlUE then you have the musician, especially in jazz and the lyricist, because many actors and artists with sense of timing and underplaying listen to their INDIGO energy. This is a connoisseur energy for the expression of the senses.

If VIOLET energy is the third player then the person is often an visionary, a philosophical idealistic and a person who uses God in their own perspective. Often they are missionaries, loyal church goers or they assist in an organization that has an idealistic purpose. Under any circumstances, the world would have looked different without this form of energy. However, now  the question is if in current times there is room for such a type of energy? This combination in itself does not put emphasis on power or money.

We have, at least in Norway, become a wealthy country, we have oil.  But for a GREEN and an INDIGO there exist no greed for who owns the oil, since we are only one world.  However, the GREEN-INDIGO form of energy is very important for people, animals and our nature because we are all bound all together. GREEN energy is the line of balance that we should keep to, and the relationship and responsibility we have with each other.

When you read this you have to remember that you are all colours. It is your choice of the seven energies you want to use, which in turn determines how you think and in the end how you

choose to benefit yourself and others. You consist of the seven energies, you are you, and it is you that creates yourself. Your choices determine who you are.





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