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VIOLET & YELLOW + the 3rd Support Player + 4 Other Energy Forms = YOU

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The picture shows a woman with VIOLET energy as her main energy and YELLOW energy as second support colour.

VIOLET is a kind of energy that does not belong to the 5 earthly energies. VIOLET is the creative force, the source of inspiration and the haunt of ideas in our mind. It makes people charismatic in their behaviour. VIOLET is also a very self-assured energy in its Yang masculine form, and a strong believer in its Yin feminine form.

It can lift an idea up to great heights and lead an actor or a musician to become famous; not least it can entrance most people with its experience of what beauty means to us. At least once in our lifetime, we know this feeling of being in the centre of something that fills us with a word we call devotion.

All humans have this energy inherent, but it is not the main energy in all of us. Then what about a person who has VIOLET and YELLOW as its strongest personal energy combination? It will not always be easy for them, because YELLOW energy is also a strong mental energy and it has a strong willpower to decide. The YELLOW energy likes everything organized, to be in correct order. It likes logical explanations and prefers documented reports. Where the VIOLET energy seeks creative solutions, the YELLOW seeks factual and practical solutions.

This may work out if there is room between these two energies, plenty of room; and even better if the VIOLET had about 16-18 points on its personality test and the YELLOW not higher than 14-15 points. The YELLOW would then calm down its ego ambition and show its good and mild energy. Because the YELLOW energy is a complementary energy of the VIOLET it is proud of its VIOLET partner and will use all of its knowledge and strength to help its strong VIOLET main energy.

But then the joker comes into 3rd place and it can change this situation. The five other energies will also need to adjust themselves to the main energy.

It is exciting to be part of the choices and decisions, and all the processes that a human carries out daily, together with our Power Plant of energies. However, only when one is able to read their own “Personal Road Map” and knows how to steer away from the dangers that are in their way, one will start to understand how full of power their colourful personal  energy really is.

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